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Learning Apache STRUTS for a Profitable Web Developing Career

Are you interested in having a profitable career as a web developer? Do you want to enjoy the benefits of developing customized JAVA applications? If your answer is a yes, then you need to opt for certification courses in STRUTS. Struts, also known as Apache Struts is an open source application for web. Mostly used in building JAVA EE applications, the framework can also be applied for Java Servlet. Developed initially in 2000 and latest in 2008, this application allows separation of the model from the view or the HTML pages and the controller. Java Struts can support templates in presentation layers such as JSP, XML, XSLT and Velocity, ensuring that you can integrate it with a variety of your practical works. Currently, the application can be learnt and practiced through several short term courses, which can be undertaken after 12th or graduation for value addition. These courses are usually 40-60 hours in duration and therefore you don’t have to worry about taking out extra time from your schedule. Employment options, including permanent and freelancing are available with these courses.

Computer Courses offered in Struts

  • Certification program in Struts
  • Certification program in Java and Struts
  • Training in web application frameworks
  • Advanced Courses in IT for Struts

Benefits of opting for Struts’ Classes

  • Enables you to make centralized file-based configuration with need to the
  • know the overall system layout
  • It allows creation of HTML form using custom JSP tags
  • Mapping HTTP request parameters
  • Good documentation and easy to use
  • Broad user testing
  • Excellent employment options

Course Objectives

Institutes and centers offering training in Struts have an interactive course with practical components so that students can enjoy hands on experience. The course topics usually include

  • Review of Java Server Pages or JSP, which enables students to understand lifecycle, declarations, directives and actions.
  • Template Engines
  • Struts configuration
  • Action mappings
  • Building Java Bean components
  • Using and viewing components
  • Building controller components
  • Accessing relational databases
  • Internationalization
  • Using Struts along with HTML based forms

Course Curriculum

The certification includes following topics in curriculum-

  • Introduction to MVC
  • Introduction to Struts 2
  • Setting up and writing a Struts 2 Application
  • Understanding namespaces
  • Tagging
  • Business services
  • Value stack
  • Accessing all input parameters
  • Request and actions
  • Best Practices

This particular Course in IT is known for offering incredible business opportunities, including freelance services and permanent services for development of Java based websites, web applications and other platforms. Its thorough knowledge can help students excel in their profession.