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A Career in Programming Language and Software Development

Internet, precisely gadgets such as computers, mobile phones, laptops and tablets have shrunken the world- so much that most people now need to market their businesses online and offline. Software is an indispensable part of life. Rather than choosing regular diploma or degree courses in IT, you can opt for Certificate courses provided by top-notch colleges & institutes in Jaipur, Kota, Jodhpur and various other cities of Rajasthan. The computer courses in Dot Net 4.0, ASP.Net 3.5 and MS SQL Server, focus on providing technical know-how and practical operations of C# Programming rather than cramming books.

What kind of advance classes and programs you can opt for?

C# Programming:

C Sharp or C# programming is a multi-paradigm system which offers component oriented programming disciplines.

Popular certification courses from different centres include,

  • Certification in C# Programming
  • Advanced Certificate in developing software solutions
  • Certification in C# Programming
    • Duration:Most of these certification courses are offered for 40-60 hours period, with practical sessions and training.
    • Stream: C# Programming
    • Eligibility: Students need to complete +2 or equivalent with graduation, securing at least 55 percent in a computer/related subject.


Quite popular for user interface, .NET 3.5 , .NET 4.0 provides exceptional career opportunities in database connectivity, cryptography and web application development. Popular Courses are-

  • Certification in devising and designing .Net software solutions
  • Certification in website development
  • Certification in app development
  • Certified software architect
  • C# .NET programming certificate
  • Certification in .NET Programming
    • Duration:courses are offered for duration of 40-60 hours
    • Stream: .NET Programming
    • Eligibility: Certification in website development, Certification in App Development and C# .NET Programming certificate can be undertaken by students who have completed their +2 or equivalent with at least 55 percent marks.

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server 2012 and later offer relational database management system and provide query languages. Used for storage and retrieving data for large corporations to security companies, e-commerce and offline store management. A popular system, professional know how of this enables endless opportunities. Professional courses include-

  • Certification in Relational Database Management System
  • Certification in Data Retrieval
  • Certification in Microsoft SQL Servers 2012
  • Certification in Database Business Management
  • Certification in Microsoft SQL Servers 2012
    • Duration:Certification in Relational Database Management is offered for 60-80 hours, while other certificate courses are available for 40-60 hours. Therefore, each course can be completed in duration of 2-4 months, depending upon whether the student opts for weekdays or weekend classes. Advanced certification can take up to 90 hours.
    • Stream: Microsoft SQL Servers 2012
    • Eligibility: Students must have cleared their +2 (students with results awaited are also admitted in most institutes). The programs can be undertaken during summer holidays or vacations and alongside graduation course as a value added certification.