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Prepare to Have Fun with Colours and Patterns… Be a Textile Designer!

Unlike the olden days when parents used to force their children to follow the well-trodden path of science and medicine, today’s generation has endless career options in front of them. Individuals are encouraged to pursue their interests and develop a career that suits their aptitude and capabilities. If you are creative in nature, have an eye for detail and a fascination for fabrics, then a Diploma in Textile Design will be right down your alley!

What to opt for?

Many reputed institutes & Colleges in Jaipur now offer this course, and provide formal education in the field of textile designing. The diploma is usually a one year program and you can apply for it right after 10+2. The diploma is usually a one year program and you can apply for it right after you pass out of 12th standard. This kind of a course is especially useful for those who need to start working at an early stage. The course is designed to provide ample theoretical knowledge as well as good exposure to the industry work environment. The usual subjects taught include drawing study, colour theory, textile study, textile printing technology, dyeing technology and basic designing. You will be made to work on multiple projects and encouraged to showcase your originality. This is a field where unique talent is highly appreciated. Mere creative skills are not enough for a successful stint in the textile industry. Just as a diamond has to be polished for it to shine, you too need to undertake a certification course in order to understand all the intricacies involved the textile business.

  • Diploma in Textile Design
    • Duration: 1 Year
    • Stream: Textile Design
    • Eligibility: A pass in Pre- University/10+2 Examination or an Equivalent examination.

The future of Textile Designing

India has a rich heritage in textiles and it is also one of the very few countries which can boast of a complete supply-chain, from fibres to finished goods manufacturing. The international market too has been increasingly sourcing fabrics from India. With such a vast reach, a textile design diploma opens up a plethora of opportunities in the areas of exports as well as domestic markets. You will find it extremely enjoyable to learn about the various weaving and printing techniques as part of the course. You will also be made familiar with new and advanced technologies that are making their way into the industry.

After completion of the diploma, if you feel the urge to delve deeper into the textile design arena, there are multiple advanced study options available. An advance diploma in textile design will help you enhance your portfolio and learn from the experts in the field. So if you want to make textiles your passion, then think no more and embark upon a fulfilling career in textile design!