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Android Smart Apps are ruling the world

Are you using Samsung, HTC, Karbonn or Micromax phone? Well, chances are high that you would be using an Android operated Smartphone. After all, Android today is one of the largest open source development platforms. Offered by Google, Android today operates latest technological devices, including popular phones and tablets. And those who use Android often comment about its safety, it’s easy and interactive user interface along with its wide range of applications, from Social Media Facebook app to games like Candy Crush Saga and Temple Run 2. That’s one reason why Android apps are so popular. In fact, more and more institutions around the country are now offering short-term certification courses for Android Application Development, which can help you prosper.

Popular Training Courses in Android app programs

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  • Advanced Certification in programming languages and applications
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Benefits of Android Course

By the completion of Android application course, students will be able to do following-

  • Build and deploy their customized Android apps
  • Understand the applications of Android apps, including their configuration to lifecycle and activities
  • Have superior knowledge of Android UI - Whether its layouts, components, event handling and how screen orientation works.
  • Programs offering information also help students develop solid understanding of Android Services
  • Networking capabilities through JAVA and JSON

Curriculum of Centers offering Android Training Courses

The general curriculum in best institutes covers following topics in 40-60 hours or 3-6

  • Java Concepts
  • SQL- DML and DDL queries in brief
  • Introduction to Android: setting up development environment, .apk file extension
  • Fundamental knowledge of Android- Basic building blocks and UI components
  • Application Structure (detailed in every course), includes- AndroidManifest.xml, Resources and R.java, information about assets, layouts, Activities, sample application
  • Emulator-Android Virtual Device- Involves launching and editing emulator settings, creating shortcuts
  • Developing second application and switching between different apps
  • UI design
  • Styles and Themes
  • Linking and developing adapters and widgets for applications
  • Notification - broadcasting services and notifications
  • Creating thread
  • SML and JSON Parsing

Android Classes can be undertaken by students who have completed their class 10+2, although students pursuing their graduation can opt for these courses as a value addition subjects. It is recommended that students have prior, basic understanding of programming languages if they are opting for a short term course.

Of all the courses in IT, the hottest one right now is surely Android Application Development!