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Hone Your Talent for Designing Interior Spaces with a Bachelor in Interior Design

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you enter a room? Do you start thinking about better wall colours? Do you start visualizing different furniture placements? If yes, then your future definitely lies in Interior Designing. You may be creative in nature and may love to move around things in your home, but a degree in interior design is what will help you carve a bright career!

Courses Available

A BSc. degree in interior designing is of 3 years duration and provides in-depth knowledge and expertise in the subject. And, B.Des. Courses are also available for duration of 4 years. You will also have ample avenues for pursuing higher-studies. Candidates interested in becoming interior designers should have completed their Class 12 examinations. It is a highly lucrative career and well-established professionals are paid extremely well in this field of work. Rest assured interior designers are in huge demand these days and their role in only set to grow.

  • Bachelor in Interior Design
    • Duration: 3 Year
    • Stream: Interior Design
    • Eligibility: A pass in Pre- University/10+2 Examination or an Equivalent examination.

What does an Interior Designing Course comprise of?

With a little research, you will find that there are a number of good institutes & colleges in Jaipur offering courses in this field. Your ultimate goal is to be able to plan and organize the design of domestic and commercial interiors. But there are multiple aspects an interior designer has to be familiar with, and all these are taught as part of the interior design degree curriculum. You will acquire knowledge about the history and theory of interior design. You will also learn about interacting with clients in order to understand their requirements, and then translate those into smart and efficient design. You will understand how to work with budgets and estimate the costs of materials. The focus of the bachelor program is to generate awareness among students on the functional and aesthetic qualities of design. You will also learn how to develop and present the final design recommendations through appropriate presentation media like photographs and slide-shows. The program will also teach you how to effectively liaison with other stakeholders like engineers, material suppliers and other designers. In addition to this, you will need to be aware of new technology and computer-aided design software which would aid you in preparing detailed plans and working models of your design. Interior designing is about bringing together various elements like lighting, fittings, furniture, colours, upholstery and decoration artefacts that gel well and suit the needs of the client. Meeting the special requirements for children and the elderly and innovative space-saving solutions in small homes are some of the areas that are in high demand today.