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The future lies in .Net Applications

In this world of integration, everything we do, say, or perform is interconnected to various technological aspects. The IT Industry has flourished based on this facet of human nature. It does what we all want; it helps us connect through technology. And one of the genres of IT which facilitates this is .Net Technologies. This subtopic of software development deals with integrating interfaces like browsers, phones, desktops, mobiles, the Internet, etc. A variety of courses in IT deal with software and development, but .Net Technologies enable them in the most comfortable manner.


Various classes and training centers offer a Diploma in .Net Application in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota and other major educational cities. Any student with a minimum of 60% aggregate marks in the 10+2 educational structure of the country can apply for this course. Top institutes offer various classes and programs that include .Net Applications in their curriculum.

  • Diploma in .Net Application
    • Duration: 1 Year
    • Stream: .Net Application
    • Eligibility: 10+2 & students pursuing Technical or non-technical Graduate / Masters Program or Fresh Engineers / Graduates / Diploma possessing the required pre-requisites for the program. (Knowledge of IT fundamentals,Operating Systems, Internet and networking fundamentals are essentials. Knowledge of Programming Languages like C, C++ is desirable.)

What is it all about

There are a lot of computer courses available which allow students to delve themselves into computers and their workings, but none deal with the integration of multiple technologies and interfaces as .Net Applications does. The diploma offers the students a great chance to strengthen their foundation by acquiring expertise in the fundamentals of C+ and C++ programming languages. It will deal with the SQL (Structure Query Language) server and enable you query and manage its database. .Net applications deal with the Windows platform and will provide knowledge regarding Windows based applications and their development, using RAD (Rapid Application Development) on the .Net framework. Web applications and database connectivity technologies are also dealt with.

What Career Options do I have

As the industry is booming, there are a lot of options and bright prospects for jobs in this field. A Diploma in .Net Applications degree opens up doors for positions in Database development and administration. Web development is always on the cards for anyone with a .Net Applications diploma degree. Data Warehousing is another bright option, and many students opt for this as the future is bright for this genre. For students who want to go for a somewhat non conventional branch, Business Intelligence is an option. Testing is one of the more tedious options but is certainly high paying. Being a server administrator is also one of the many options. .Net Applications is certainly here to stay, and will attract more and more applicants in the coming days.