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The degree in Demand… Bachelor in Textile Design!

Indian Textile Industry – An overview

The Indian textile industry is booming like never before. Whatever be the season, whatever be the status of the world economy, the textile sector will never go out of business for the simple reason that people need clothes to wear! India has a rich heritage of textiles, and the handloom industries co-exist harmoniously with the state-of-the-art mechanized mills and power-looms. The global fashion market is also becoming increasingly interested in Indian fabrics and many Indian weaves are now seen on international ramps. All over the world, designers are working to keep the traditionalism of their craft intact while working with newer and more advanced technology. There has been tremendous innovation in techniques and materials and there is ongoing research for creating inexpensive yet more durable textiles. It has thus become imperative for design schools to include this subject as a part of their curriculum.

Textile Design – The future

When you go to buy fabric, have you ever wondered how such a huge variety is made available in the market? Do you have the curiosity to find out what goes on behind the scenes in a textile factory? If the generic fields of medicine and engineering do not interest you, and if you are up for a profession that can give you immense work satisfaction as well as provide an outlet for your creativity to shine, then a degree in Textile Design is worth looking into!

There are numerous colleges & Institutes in Jaipur offering a Bachelor’s program in textile designing. Most courses like the BSc in textile design are of 3 years duration, while a Bachelor’s program or B. Des. can be of 4 years. The minimum eligibility for this course is completion of 10+2.

You will be taught various subjects like design methodology, fabric study, elements of textiles, knitting and weaving, and information collection and data analysis. Along with basic design knowledge, you are also made familiar with presentation techniques using photography and digital design tools. It will be a joy to explore the ancient handicrafts and textiles of India, and you will also get to study about relatively new age textiles like leather. A textile design degree can be your passport for entering the apparel and home furnishing industry and the textile industry at large. The best part is that you can opt to be an entrepreneur and lead a successful career as a design consultant or home stylist. This is a field that offers huge flexibility in work schedule and you can be the master of your own life.