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The Perfect Foundation - Pursue Your Bachelors in Fashion Design

Fashion design has been gaining immense popularity in India since the past couple of decades. Considering the growing fashion market and the country’s vibrant economy, the fashion industry is set to expand exponentially and hence there is a growing need for professionally trained fashion designers. To cater to this need, many universities in Jaipur now offer a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fashion Design (BSc - Fashion Design). It is a full time course of three years duration. Anyone with a pass in Pre-University or 10+2 examination or an equivalent examination is eligible to apply.

  • B.Sc in Fashion Design
    • Duration: 2 Year
    • Stream: Fashion Design
    • Eligibility: A pass in Pre- University/10+2 Examination or an Equivalent examination.

Course – how does it help you?

The fashion design degree focuses on building a strong base for developing and channelizing creativity. Students are introduced to the basic concepts of design to aid in better understanding of all its aspects. They are also made familiar with the requirements of the global fashion market, while balancing its equation with the Indian aesthetics. The course aims to sensitize students towards understanding the fundamentals of fashion design including design, technology and management. You get to learn in a healthy and enhanced environment for thinking and learning, along with a highly trained dedicated faculty. Students are taught to tackle and overcome the challenges presented by the ever-changing fashion industry by providing the basic knowledge and essential skill competencies. They are exposed to various subjects related to fashion design and technology throughout the program duration. As part of a carefully carved curriculum, you will be provided with sequential design guidelines and ample hands-on experience that would enable you to conceptualize and create excellent quality designs of your own. You will find great joy in gaining knowledge about the textiles available in the Indian market and the manufacturing techniques developed in recent times. The course also includes knowledge on niche segments like exports and exclusive lines for the flourishing Indian labels. In a time where Indian fashion is making waves in the international fashion world, there is a great need to be able to appease global tastes while keeping Indian sensibilities in mind and maintaining a unique Indian essence.

A Bachelor degree in fashion design arms you with the correct skills required for this purpose. This course will give you a good foundation to pursue careers as independent designers, freelance design consultants, costume designers, stylists and entrepreneurs. Armed with a B.Sc. degree, it will also give you a strong base and the confidence to pursue higher studies in order to gain a deeper understanding of the world of fashion design and explore it in its entirety.