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Do you have the creative spark in you? Do you want to avoid the usual mainstream courses of study and do something different? Do you love to paint? Do you have an eye for pattern? When you hear a word can you visualize it? And have you discovered the fashion police in you? If any of these answers are in the positive then you have the designer’s DNA in you!

There is design in everything. It is the pattern you imagined you want for your wall décor, it is the colors you choose for your lehenga or for your tuxedo, it is the way you want your newly launched website to look. However a study in design can not only help you make things look better but also function better and easier.

Design is not only a way of thinking but rather a way of life now.

Any raw talent needs to be honed to perfect it. Thus, you may be innately creative but developing your skills and channelizing them to reach an end goal is what a study in design courses help in. Courses in design enable to translate human imagination in order to achieve tangible results.

Top Design Programs in Jaipur are:

Each discipline can be further categorized based on the industry it caters to. This division is your clue to your future career choice. Thus by choosing your discipline you choose the industry you want to work for. The world of design encompasses a colossal set of career options. From fashion design to interior design and film and set design it covers all. It doesn’t stop here. You will be surprised to know that digital media is also a kind of designing and falls under communications design!

Design in the current context doesn’t involve in imagining beautiful patterns but rather visualizing that which is effective and would make immediate connect. Finding solutions is a major component of design thinking. Since design can be applied to such a wide range, it may be concluded that design is now a strategy for competition and market gains. A study in design courses helps combine academics with practical and practicable activities.

In the market of vocational courses Design is the ruler. Today colleges & institutes in Jaipur offer degree and short-term diploma courses for students to explore their passion for design.

Currently a large percentage of students are opting for vocational courses instead of mainstream courses. What has come as a surprise to educationists is that students are applying for professional courses in government schools! The industries are huge and the career options varied. Design is limitless and thus does not restrict you to specific fields but allows you to explore your options spread out over industries.

So discover your forte, opt for a discipline best suited to your skills, and be proud to have one of the best careers in the business!

List of Design Colleges in Jaipur

  • Kamla Poddar Institutes
    Website: https://www.poddareducation.com/
    Address : KPI Campus, Behind Shri Ram Mandir
    Power House Road, Bani Park
    Jaipur, Rajasthan, India-302016
    Contact: +91 9351410840, 0141 220 7773
    Email: enquiry@poddareducation.com
    BSc in Fashion Design (3 Year)
    MSc in Fashion Design (2 Year)
    Diploma in Fashion Design (2 Year)
    BSc. in Textile Design (3 Year)
    Diploma in Textile Design (1 Year)
    B.Sc. in Interior Design (3 Year)
    M.Sc. in Interior Design (2 Year)
    Diploma in Interior Design (1 Year)
  • WLC College India - Jaipur
    Website : https://www.wlci.in
    Address : G-164, Udaipath, Janpath
    Shyam Nagar, Jaipur
    Rajasthan, India-302019
    Advance Diploma in Fashion Technology
    Professional Diploma in Fashion Technology
  • Deepshikha College of Fashion Technology
    Web: https://www.jdci.net/dcft.html
    Address: 22, Ganesh marg,
    Bapu Nagar, Jaipur,
    Rajasthan, India
    Fashion Designing (Duration: 1 Year)
    Interior Designing (Duration: 1 Year)
    Textile Designing (Duration: 1 Year)
    Jewelry Designing (Duration: 1 Year)
  • IIFA India
    Website : https://iifaindia.com
    Address : E-704-A, EPIP
    Sitapura Industrial Area
    Opposite Nissan Service center,
    Jaipur, Rajasthan, India- 302022
    Degree/Diploma in Interior Design
    M.Sc. in Interior Design
    Degree/Diploma In Fashion Design
    M.Sc. in Fashion Design
  • Vision Institute of Fashion Designing
    Website : https://www.vifd.com
    Address :789, Kisan Marg
    Barkat Nagar, Jaipur -302015
    Rajasthan (India)
    Fashion Designing (2 Years)
    Certificate Course in Interior Design (6 Months)
    Certificate Course in jewelry Design (6 Months)
    Certificate Course in Textile Design (6 Months)
  • Pearl Academy of Fashion
    Address : SP 38A,
    RIICO Industrial Area, Kukas,
    Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
    PG Diploma in Fashion Design (2 Years)
    B A (Hons.) Fashion Design (4 Years)
    BA (Hons.) Textile Design (4 Years)
    BA (Hons.) Jewelry Design (4 Years)
    Certificate Program in Jewelry Design (1 Year)
  • ARCH Academy Of Fashion, Arts & Design
    Address : Plot No. 9, Govind Marg,
    Malviya Nagar Institutional Area
    Malviya Nagar, Jaipur
    Rajasthan, India-302017
    M.Sc in Fashion Technology (2 Years)
    Degree in Fashion Technology (4 Years)
    Diploma in Fashion Design (2 Years)
    Certificate in Fashion Design(1 Year)
    Degree in Textile Design (4 Years)
    Diploma in Textile Design (2 Years)
    Certificate in Textile Design (1 Year)
    M Sc in Interior Design (2 Years)
    Degree in Interior Design (4 Years)
    Diploma in Interior Design (2 Years)
    Certificate in Interior Design (1 Year)