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Computer Applications: The Future of IT

Are you interested in computers? Are you curious about the intricacies of computers? Are software and applications your forte? Well then a career in computer applications is what you need to dive into. It might run out to be a game changer for you as the current scenario for the IT Industry is nothing short of overwhelming. Among the many computer courses and programs available, Computer Applications is one of the degree courses in IT which will allow the brightest of mind to explore, innovate, and make it big in the IT Industry.

What is Computer Applications?

According to a recent study, 35% of the total export done in India is owing to the IT industry. The field is at its high point now, and there are no signs of any recession in the IT wave. With a Computer applications degree, which is either BCA or MCA, a lot of doors will open up. Many of the top and best institutes in the country look forward to young blood proficient enough in computer applications courses for managing and maintaining their systems. Various classes and programs are available where students can avail this course.

What are the prospects:

Among the many degree courses in IT, CA offers one the chance of software designing, system management, and industrial computing. It might be a small software firm, banking firms, or the reputed multinationals; anyone who enjoys computers is a candidate. Many top training institutes and colleges provide this degree course. The BCA course deals with the basic workings of computers and applications. Further studies such as MCA will focus on developing software and applications and deal with more complex issues related to current IT industry trends.

What career options do I have:

The job opportunities in Computer Applications are bright. Be it opening your own software firm, freelancing for a firm by providing IT solutions, or working in multinational companies; a BCA or MCA degree holder has a bright future. Some of the jobs that a degree in computer applications can get you are of programmers, coders, software and application developers, system and database administrators, quality assurance and testing engineers, etc. And looking at the tremendous growth the IT Industry has shown in the last decade, many more job options are sure to raise their heads. Ahmedabad, Jaipur among India's next big IT hotspots