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How is Java Programming as a Career?It is Rewarding, and Satisfying.

The IT Industry has taken the world by storm in the last decade, and people say the best is yet to come. With the ever progressing technology and the need for people to connect, various courses in IT including computer courses and other programs focus on applications and software that can better the lives of people and help them share their experiences. The mobile and web platforms are the future, and that is why courses in software development like Mobile Applications and Java Web Programming are the best options right now for a career in the IT Industry.

What is it all about

Working as a Java Programmer has its dues. Only the one with love for computers and the hunger to succeed in this field can make it through. But nowadays there are various training centers and classes which can prepare you for the same. You just need to be eligible for the course, i.e. a minimum of 60% aggregate marks in the 10+2 education structure. Basic knowledge of the computer beyond surfing the internet along with the languages C and C+ are desirable. Various institutes offer a Diploma in Java Programming in Jaipur, Kota, Jodhpur, etc. and are equipped enough to guide you in this field.

  • Diploma in Java Programming
    • Duration: 1 Year
    • Stream: Java Programming
    • Eligibility: 10+2 & students pursuing Technical or non-technical Graduate / Masters Program or Fresh Engineers / Graduates / Diploma possessing the required pre-requisites for the program. (Knowledge of IT fundamentals,Operating Systems, Internet and networking fundamentals are essentials. Knowledge of Programming Languages like C, C++ is desirable.)

Details about the course

A Diploma in Java Programming lasts from 6 months to a year, depending on part time or full time basis. It deals with the Java platform, and teaches you to develop Java based applications and applets for the web. Java is necessary to enable interaction between two computers on the Internet, and this course will help you write programs that facilitate the same. The usage of various Java tools and products is imparted, along with teaching students how to develop Java beans and much more using the J2EE technology.

What career options do I have

As the IT Industry flourishes, so do the job prospects; and Java Programming has no dearth of jobs. One can become a Web Application Developer or a Desktop Application Developer. Various small firms, branding agencies and consultancy firms along with big multinational companies are interested in hiring Java programmers. Breaking out on your won and starting your own firm is always an option. Other opportunities for someone with Diploma in Java Programming are Web Developer, Video Game Developer, a Webmaster or a Web Software Engineer. Ultimately the post and the salary will depend on your skill set and the company that you work for.