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Gone are the days when the people were of the mindset that women belong to the kitchen. It’s now time that women are walking down the aisle, head high, matching footsteps with even the most successful businessmen. From business to public services to entertainment, women are making names for themselves. With a lot to pursue…Read More

Planning your career is the first step you take towards becoming successful. A well-planned career path leads you to new heights of success. Thus, it is crucial that you pick the right career, the right consultant, and right pieces of advice. People seek the shed of an education consultant when they feel confused about making…Read More

Choosing a career is like walking on thin ice – you must take every step carefully. The career you choose will shape your professional as well as, to a great extent, personal life. With many various courses coming up, there are huge opportunities in unconventional and unique courses in India. The growing demand of professionals…Read More

Are you unhappy or in dilemma with your present career path? There are times when our job doesn’t seem satisfying or we find ourselves in a situation where we aren’t sure which field or goal to pursue to make a career out of it. Such situations can be easily dealt with help of career counselor…Read More

There comes a time in life when everyone has to decide which direction they want their life to proceed, career wise. In this time we live in, there are ample opportunities for whatever your heart might desire, literally!  What interests you? This is the most important question that will go a long way in determining…Read More

Engineering is an extensive discipline with numerous subjects to choose from. Many universities around the world not only offer well-known subjects such as mechanical, chemical, civil, aeronautical, computer science, etc., but also extend studies like engineering management. Such a long list is certainly confusing for a student who has just completed his/her schooling. Having said…Read More

The countdown has begun for the board exams. Just a few more weeks and you will be filling in those answer sheets that to some extent locks your future. While this is a stressful time, it is also time for parents to sit down with their children and work on a study plan that will…Read More