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Interior designing is one of the fastest emerging career options due to an increasing demand of elegant homes and dynamic work spaces. A course in interior designing opens a vast avenue of options for your career. Here is a list of career options you can choose from once you become a qualified interior designer with…Read More

If you’ve got a knack for transforming empty spaces into beautiful rooms where people live, breathe and find a home – you should consider joining an interior designing course. Not only can it help you to earn a professional qualification in this competitive area, but you will also get to develop and polish your raw…Read More

You know that Interior Designing is where your heart lies but the thought of how to make it big scares you. Well you are not the only one. Many big names in the industry today were at the same place where you are right now. So what did they do to reach where they are…Read More

Technology is changing every minute, innovating something or modifying what exists. Predicting the future of interior designing in India is therefore tricky. But, if you go by what experts around the world have to say, then start your career today in this realm is the right thing to do. If you are hardworking, have an…Read More

Interior designing is considered to be one of the most creative careers, especially for the people who love converting bland empty spaces into unique & functional areas. So, if you love renovating your room on a constant basis, then you have chosen the right career. The Interior Décor industry has seen a rapid growth in…Read More

Interior designing is all about creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing interior space. Contrary to popular belief, interior design is more than just decorating, although that is a part of it. In fact, designing the interior of a building begins well before it is even built. It is multidisciplinary field covering art, architecture, technology, furniture,…Read More

Due to the current anomalous situations that have been created by lack of space and rising needs of clients posed by the fast paced technology, there has been a sparkling need for interior design specialists. Interior design refers to the process of shaping the interior space in a home, industry or any commercial premise. It…Read More

With modernization at its peak and rapid development of cities, the whole concept of Interior Designing is gaining momentum at a faster pace. The four walls are shrinking in urban areas, which is leaving less spaces for commercial and residential purposes. For the rescue of such a problem, appears a magician, an Interior Designer, who…Read More