Choosing the Right Interior Design College

Interior designing is considered to be one of the most creative careers, especially for the people who love converting bland empty spaces into unique & functional areas. So, if you love renovating your room on a constant basis, then you have chosen the right career.

The Interior Décor industry has seen a rapid growth in the past few years. To meet the rising number of ‘Interior Decorator’ vacancies being posted, design colleges have started doling out Interior Design degrees by the dozen. So making a clear-cut distinction, between colleges which just ‘Dole-Out-Degrees’ & colleges which have the intention to truly teach the art of Interior Designing, has become next-to-impossible.

However, if you take the below-mentioned pointers into consideration, making a distinction between these colleges will seem like a simple choice rather than a confusing one.

1. Exposure Provided By College
Interior Design institutions often take part in industry-relevant events to provide an actual taste of interior designers life. While choosing a college, you should conduct research on the reach of these events. By reach, we mean the total number and type of people who attend such events. You should prefer colleges which regularly collaborate with Interior Décor & Lifestyle events with global exposure. Not only will such events provide an opportunity to learn from the best, but showcase your creativity to decorators.

2. Research On Faculty/Mentors
After conducting research on the reach, don’t miss out on reading about the faculty members or the mentors teaching in the college. An inexperienced faculty will never teach a student the finer details of design while the right faculty produces creative minds, irrespective of the facilities provided by the Institute. A simple Google search of the mentors will help you in getting to know their experience. Quality design mentors will have years of experience and an in-depth creative portfolio. Whereas inexperienced faculty would neither be experienced nor have a quality portfolio.

3. Curriculum
Thoroughly read the curriculum provided on the college’s website. Prefer colleges which focus more on practical teachings rather than theoretical teachings. Ensure that the college teaches Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) as it’s considered an important job skill by employers. A proper curriculum will also have a healthy blend of design history & practical lessons to upgrade the technical & creative skills of a budding designer.

4. Infrastructure
Full equipped CAD Labs, spacious design studios & a model making workshop are the 3 infrastructural requirements every interior design college should fulfil. Make a visit the college you wish to join and meticulously inspect each & every aspect. A quality design school will have the above-mentioned facilities in addition to a library, a material workshop & a small construction yard.

5. Alumnus Feedback
So you have short listed a few colleges which fit the aforementioned criteria, the next step is to talk to the alumnus of the institute you are considering. Ask them the following questions:

‘How is the environment?’
‘Is the faculty cooperative?’
‘Are the in-campus placements fruitful?’
‘Does the college provide global exposure?’
‘The best teaching you learned about architectural design?’
‘Does the faculty teach in a pragmatic fashion?’

If the answers are satisfactory, you should consider the college. Student testimonials are the best advertisement for any college. Keep in mind that testimonials on the college’s website could possibly be fake, reviews posted on the college’s social media pages are a much better option.

6. Collaborations
To increase credibility, many institutes collaborate with accredited design schools. This helps the institutes in increasing global credibility & the courses of the institute are also as per global standards. An institutes collaborations can be found on their respective websites or college prospectus.

After consideration of all these pointers, it would be easy to choose the perfect interior design college.

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