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The process of making a raw fabric more user friendly is known as textile finishing. The fabric that you wear or pick up from a shop for its colour, texture, durability and many more qualities is originally rough, dull coloured and mostly unappealing. So the soft, anti wrinkle and bright coloured fabric that you see…Read More

Since ever the human race made the first garment, fashion has been indispensable. Its root, the textile industry has now been a synonym of fun and creativity, where things move at a fast pace. Though the textile industry attracts hundreds of students each year, many still hesitate to join this glamorous, yet hard-working workspace. If…Read More

Career Profile A textile designer creates patterns for knitted, woven or printed fabrics. He/she also supervises the whole process of manufacturing a fabric. A textile designer’s job entails the following 3 steps: Step 1 – Selecting the raw materials to be used. For e.g. yarn, wool, fibre, cotton etc. Step 2 – Designing patterns to…Read More

The Indian textile industry has been known to be one of the largest contributing sectors to India’s exports. It is also one of the most labor intensive sectors where you will never find a dearth of job opportunities. The industry is broadly divided into 2 main parts- The organized sector and the unorganized sector. The…Read More

In textile design sector, the focus is on developing textile designs that will be used on various textiles. Those textiles will be used by the masses or the classes depending upon who you designed it for. Imagine walking down the street one day, and you see a person wearing a cloth with your designs on…Read More

Textile design is essentially the science of textiles to solve design problems. It involves the process of design development and creation for different types of textiles and fabrics. Textile designers are specifically engaged in the creation of these designs that will be used repetitively in textile products such as clothes, carpets, sheets, drapes and many…Read More

Are you inclined to the hues and patterns of apparels? Does the design of the trendy clothes seek your attention? Do you come up with your own textile patterns whenever you see a celeb wearing a trendy attire? If yes, then you certainly have some inclination towards textile designing – a professional course which has…Read More

The Indian Textile industry is buoyed by strong demand for innovative clothing in the domestic market as well as huge export demand. Being the second largest employment opportunity provider in India, the textile industry is the right field to step into if you are looking to start working as soon as you finish studying. Textile…Read More

With the huge boom in the Indian fashion industry, the field of textile design has also become a very promising and lucrative career option for creative individuals. A Bachelor in Textile Design is a good choice for students who have passed HSC and are now looking for suitable courses which will strengthen their creative skills…Read More