Design Your Life: An Exciting Opportunity as a Textile Designer

In textile design sector, the focus is on developing textile designs that will be used on various textiles. Those textiles will be used by the masses or the classes depending upon who you designed it for. Imagine walking down the street one day, and you see a person wearing a cloth with your designs on it; wouldn’t that be simply wonderful? Isn’t that creating a real impact on society? You created a design that is being replicated and being used by those walking on the road!! Wouldn’t that be something. If the prospect of becoming a textile designer is exciting you, then read on!


Why people choose to be textile designers?
In textile design, one gets to be their creative best! People who consider their selves creative and interested in creating something from nothing are the ones best suited for this course. This course is a very niche course and is taken up by only those people who are fanatic about their creativity.

Also, people who have interest in weaves, textures and fabrics also take up this course. People with an inclination for nature also find their calling in textile design as most people create their designs based upon inspirations from their natural surroundings. Also, those who are very particular about minute details and enjoy working at that level really enjoy life as a textile designer.

Besides, if you are one of those who love and value their independence above anything else, Textile Designing gives you the opportunity to establish an enterprise and stand on your own. This is because most designers generally establish their own individual designing houses and create a name for them. This kind of brand building combined with creating designs can take a toll on the quality of output from the designer, but if this can be pulled off successfully, then textile designing gives you the opportunity to play in the big leagues. You may even go onto create exclusive designs for celebrities.

What is the working place like?
The work environments will also be flexible and can vary from organization to organization. Designers will have the opportunity to work from factory floors, backroom offices or design studios. If right and measured steps are taken, one can also establish an independent freelance practice in design creation and they may work from the comfort of their own homes or workshops.

The commercial scope of textile designing
Since fashion is something that will never die out, not even sky is the limit when it comes to textile designing. This is an industry which will run for eternity. Currently, the size of the global textile and clothing industry is estimated to be worth about $4395 billion USD, while the global trade in it stands at about $360 billion USD. This industry is also growing the fastest, at almost 7-8% in most nations. In the USA, where the average GDP growth is not more than 3 per cent at a given time, the textile sector grows at 5%.

The average starting salary figures for a young textile designer can range from anything between $15,000 – to $20, 000 USD per month, depending upon the skills and the quality of designs that the designer is known for.  A senior designer, with an experience of 3-4 years can earn upto $45, 000 USD. In this sector a textile designer’s mere numbers in the years of experience won’t matter much and instead the quality and popularity of designs will be a very crucial factor in the determination of the final compensation and salary amount. As explained before, when it comes to textile designing, the sky is the limit and if a textile designer is able to increase sales through innovative and attractive designs, the asking price can run into millions of dollars

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