Change Your Career Track by Going for Either MCA or MBA

If you have done your under graduation in a non-technical course, but now you want to shift to a professional and technical course, then MCA is the right choice for you. By doing an MCA you can shift to a more specialist field, viz., the computer application field. MCA provides you the opportunity to change the course of your career from a non-technical field to a technical field, thus opening up the world of technology in your career.


Similarly an MBA program is also another option for candidates willing to change the course of their career. An MBA program essentially trains successful candidates in areas such as Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Operations, General Management, or IT management. While an MBA is not a specialist master’s course like MCA, doing an MBA opens up a lot of avenues for any candidate who can now choose various sub-courses available in an MBA program.

Is MBA similar to a PGDM program?
If you are searching for MBA programs being offered by different colleges, you may see that some of the colleges offer PGDM instead of an MBA program. In substance and in reality, PGDM is a 2 year diploma course that is offered by most IIMs. Although MBA is a degree program and not a diploma unlike PGDM, the difference is essentially because of recognition and approval by the University Grants Commission. Since most IIMs and other management institutions are self-run autonomous bodies, they are free to decide the content of their course and change it accordingly in order to keep it updated with the latest occurrences in the world of business. Because such self-run autonomous institutions can design their own courses, they are empowered to impart only diplomas and not full degrees. A college whose course is approved by the UGC and which comes under the control of the latter educational body can offer an MBA. So essentially, there is no difference between an MBA and a PGDM, and the difference is chiefly because of the difference in the type of institution that offers the management course. Although, it can be fairly well assumed that a PGDM course, because of the college’s flexibility in changing the course content, is more contemporaneous than an MBA course which cannot be changed until UGC’s approval is obtained.

At the national level 11 National Institute of Technology participate in the nationally conducted entrance exam for selecting candidates to the MCA program. The exam NIMCET stands for National Institute of Technology Masters in Computer Applications Common Entrance Test (NIMCET). At the NIMCET level, a candidate who clears the exam gains access to the MCA seat in any one of the 11 participating NITs.

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