A fashion institute doesn’t need a grand campus with air-conditioned labs or big football fields. These aspects don’t contribute any real value. Often, design colleges focus on communicating these aspects more than the ones which matter. It’s not their fault entirely, as students & parents think these are the signs of a good institute. In…Read More

The industrial liberalisation of 1991 enabled a small fashion industry to become the INR 20,000 crore behemoth we know today. The industry includes a bunch of professions such as the development of garments, accessory design, makeup, textile design & development & fashion reporters to name a few. You need not be a designer to play…Read More

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Interior designing is considered to be one of the most creative careers, especially for the people who love converting bland empty spaces into unique & functional areas. So, if you love renovating your room on a constant basis, then you have chosen the right career. The Interior Décor industry has seen a rapid growth in…Read More

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The Indian textile industry has been known to be one of the largest contributing sectors to India’s exports. It is also one of the most labor intensive sectors where you will never find a dearth of job opportunities. The industry is broadly divided into 2 main parts- The organized sector and the unorganized sector. The…Read More

In today’s world where every university is offering a plethora of career options it is easy to feel confused and lost. Also with a number of relatives and well-wishers around us suggesting various choices, it does become a very cumbersome task to make the right decision. As a result a lot of people simply fall…Read More