We are all going to see ourselves in fashion textile industry after our graduation in various fields. Definitely, we have too much eagerness to achieve the next position of our own subdivision. There are so many who still don’t know the correct organisation chart of textile and apparel industry departments. This article will help you to…Read More

In India, the design business is simply in its maturing stage. However, fashion designing is a requesting career; aspirants need to consolidate their imagination with plan abilities to make a solid foothold in this industry. The individuals who know about texture, hanging qualities, shading and outline, and the evolving patterns, have splendid future in design….Read More

Engineering is an extensive discipline with numerous subjects to choose from. Many universities around the world not only offer well-known subjects such as mechanical, chemical, civil, aeronautical, computer science, etc., but also extend studies like engineering management. Such a long list is certainly confusing for a student who has just completed his/her schooling. Having said…Read More

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Technology is changing every minute, innovating something or modifying what exists. Predicting the future of interior designing in India is therefore tricky. But, if you go by what experts around the world have to say, then start your career today in this realm is the right thing to do. If you are hardworking, have an…Read More

Since ever the human race made the first garment, fashion has been indispensable. Its root, the textile industry has now been a synonym of fun and creativity, where things move at a fast pace. Though the textile industry attracts hundreds of students each year, many still hesitate to join this glamorous, yet hard-working workspace. If…Read More

Career Profile A textile designer creates patterns for knitted, woven or printed fabrics. He/she also supervises the whole process of manufacturing a fabric. A textile designer’s job entails the following 3 steps: Step 1 – Selecting the raw materials to be used. For e.g. yarn, wool, fibre, cotton etc. Step 2 – Designing patterns to…Read More

A fashion institute doesn’t need a grand campus with air-conditioned labs or big football fields. These aspects don’t contribute any real value. Often, design colleges focus on communicating these aspects more than the ones which matter. It’s not their fault entirely, as students & parents think these are the signs of a good institute. In…Read More

The industrial liberalisation of 1991 enabled a small fashion industry to become the INR 20,000 crore behemoth we know today. The industry includes a bunch of professions such as the development of garments, accessory design, makeup, textile design & development & fashion reporters to name a few. You need not be a designer to play…Read More