How to Get Right Career Counseling?

Are you unhappy or in dilemma with your present career path? There are times when our job doesn’t seem satisfying or we find ourselves in a situation where we aren’t sure which field or goal to pursue to make a career out of it. Such situations can be easily dealt with help of career counselor or career coach.

A coach can help you figure out your long term career goals like planning your retirement or pursuing a dream position in a firm. They can also assist you with short-term and immediate goals such as landing a job to even building a powerful resume.

  • A career coach or counselor is an expert that helps an individual come up with a plan for their career, and make plans for them to achieve their goals.
  • They make strategies that can help clients find employment or make a shift in career and so on.
  • A school, college, or state department can employ counselors. Also, there are private counseling agencies too.

How a Counselor Can Help You Get Your Dream Career?

  • Career counselors ask you questions, conduct various aptitude tests, personality tests, and so on. They assist the client in exploring other career options and choosing the one that satisfies them.
  • A coach will also help you come to terms with personal or professional issues that might be affecting your career growth.

Tips that will Help Get a Right Career Counselor

If you want appropriate guidance and counseling for your career, you have to find a coach that is an expert in his/her field and who you are comfortable with.

Here are some tips that can help you:


Take a look at the degrees and credentials of the counselor before signing the contract. You want to work with a professional and not someone who doesn’t understand the minute details of career counseling.

Check their reviews

Search the counselor on web or talk to his/her previous clients who recommended her. Before you finalize a coach for yourself, make sure you check what people are saying about her/him/

Ask questions like:

  • What are her weaknesses or strengths as a counselor?
  • As a client would you recommend her again or go back to her again?

Cost- per visit or package

A counselor can charge you per visit or provide you with a package with a limited number of sessions. It is better to go with a counselor who charges you per visit as the packages are always too expensive.

Level of comfort

Let your first session with the counselor be a trial. It will help you assess whether you are comfortable with him/her or not.

Taking help from a career counselor is a logical step if you feel lost in your career. Follow these tips, and you will find a coach who can guide you in the best direction possible.


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