5 Unique Career Options in India

Choosing a career is like walking on thin ice – you must take every step carefully. The career you choose will shape your professional as well as, to a great extent, personal life. With many various courses coming up, there are huge opportunities in unconventional and unique courses in India. The growing demand of professionals has created many unique career options which you can choose from.

 1. Furniture Designing

Everyone wants to design their homes and offices in the most elegant and useful manner. The furniture in any home or work space is a crucial element to form the internal setup. Pursue a career in furniture designing so that you get a knack of creating a stylish home decor for clients. The career has extensive opportunities. With your creativity, you can design spaces as per the demand and also propose your own designs to build your brand. With work spaces and home decor undergoing a constant transformation, furniture designing may just be the lucrative career you have been looking for.

 2. Fashion Designing

Fashion is a phenomenon which is under constant transformation. If you have the potential to not just identify trends but also generate them, there is no stopping you in the fashion designing industry. If you are a fashion enthusiast, you can also learn about the evolution of attires and design your own line. Fashion designing offers a hands-on experience in the industry and if you are creative and elegant in your styles, there is a high probability that you may become a successful fashion designer or open your own boutique. As a career option, you can also style models and celebrities to establish your brand if you have an impressive portfolio.

 3. Nutritionist

With people’s lives getting increasingly hectic, their health is often neglected. You have endless opportunities to make a mark as a nutritionist or dietitian by advising appropriate diet to those who do not get time to look after themselves but want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Make a successful career by creating an impressive clientele as a nutritionist.

 4. Professional ethical hacker

The word ‘hacker’ may sound alarming, but ethical hacking can pay you your bills if you can break systems and find loopholes in a secured system, ethically. Many companies hire ethical hackers and pay them handsomely to find loopholes in their system, in order to plug them and prevent chances of unethical hacking.

 5. Light designing

No wonder it sounds unusual, but light designing is emerging as a popular profession in India. If you have the knack of arranging lights and creating an impressive ambiance, you have a bright future staring at you. Learn about various types of lights; you can also manage the lightning at major shows and on stages to create an appropriate ambiance.

If you want to be in demand and earn out of it, choose a unique and sustainable career in India which can reward you.

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