5 Things We Get To Learn From An Expert Career Counselor

In today’s world where every university is offering a plethora of career options it is easy to feel confused and lost. Also with a number of relatives and well-wishers around us suggesting various choices, it does become a very cumbersome task to make the right decision. As a result a lot of people simply fall into the wrong profession and mess up their whole lives. Your career should not be chosen on the basis of what others find right or wrong, it should be chosen based on your aptitude, your strengths and where your interests lie. In India usually people do not see beyond the traditional options such as engineering, medical or business, however if your interests lie nowhere between these then there is nothing to worry as there are enough alternatives you could pick from.

In order to get to know our strengths and weaknesses and find out the nitty-gritties of the various career options in the market it is best to depend on a trusty career counselor. Through this blog you will get to know how a career counselor will help you make a well informed decision related to your profession-

1. Deducing your strengths and weaknesses - A professional counselor will always have a variety of aptitude tests up his sleeve to help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses. With a proper SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats) analysis you will be better able to judge which career path would be more ideal for you. This will lead to better work satisfaction and increased productivity later on as you will be in a comfortable domain.

2. Picking the right career- You might be overwhelmed to see the number of career options there are in the world out there than the ones we’ve been told about since childhood. A counselor will help you to focus your energies on the path meant for you instead of pondering over other options. Based on your assets he will assist you in picking the right alternative so that you are able to save time and effort and start working on your goal right away.

3. The way forward - Most of the time students are confused about what subjects would help them achieve their career goals. They are not aware of what they need to do academically to reach their destination. A good counselor is able to guide students on their career options and then helps them to determine their way forward. He will instruct you on the subjects you need to focus on and the examinations you need to take to be able to establish yourself.

4. Motivation - Poor grades in high school or parental pressure can lead to a lot of anxiety among students. Working professionals with an unsatisfactory previous job experience might also lose the vigor required in the corporate world. A counselor can really be beneficial in these situations. He will motivate you and help you to see life with a positive outlook. He will also guide you forward and train you with the help of the resources at his disposal so that you are successful in the future.

5. Helping you get that job - Getting a job isn’t as easy as it sounds. In order to make it to a good company you must have an impressive error free resume along with a subtle cover letter. Career counselors are well trained to be able to help you with your CV. They will also be able to guide you on how to answer common questions during interviews. Important aspects like body language, dress code and other interview etiquette which are otherwise ignored by people are something which a good counselor will be able to accustom you with.

So stop thinking twice and go to a career counselor right away so that you are able to lead a satisfactory professional life.

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