Exploring a Career in Textile Design

Career Profile

A textile designer creates patterns for knitted, woven or printed fabrics. He/she also supervises the whole process of manufacturing a fabric. A textile designer’s job entails the following 3 steps:

Step 1 – Selecting the raw materials to be used. For e.g. yarn, wool, fibre, cotton etc.
Step 2 – Designing patterns to be imprinted on the fabric
Step 3 – Supervising the whole production process from raw material stage to product stage

The Positives & Negatives

Just like every other profession, being a textile designer has its positives & negatives.


  • Seeing your creations worn by other people feels extremely satisfying
  • Starting a business is easy as fabric manufacturing will never go out of fashion
  • Knowledge of using updated CAD tools will give you an edge over established designers in the market
  • Skills gained can be used in several other professions


  • Textile design market is extremely competitive
  • Creative blocks can lead to frustration & fights with superiors


As per payscale.com, a textile designer will get an annual income of INR 3,71,878 on average. The lowest range (starting salary) is INR 1,80,000 & highest is INR 7,20,000. Most textile designers eventually begin their own business for freedom in creativity & higher earnings.

Knowledge Required

Formal Education
You should consider getting a bachelor’s degree in textile design from a reputed fashion school. If not a degree, you can take up an associate course in CAD.

Some natural talents are very important to make is a textile designer. These are -

  • Awareness Of Current Trends
  • Creative/Disruptive Mindset
  • An Eye For Colour

Achieving Success

A sure-shot way of staying ahead of your competition is by gaining practical experience before you get a formal degree. For e.g.. an internship with a big apparel organisation will increase your chances of success by a huge margin.

Another noteworthy way of achieving success in textile design is staying updated with the fast-moving technological developments happening in the field.

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