Find a Lucrative Career with a Bachelor in Textile Design Degree

With the huge boom in the Indian fashion industry, the field of textile design has also become a very promising and lucrative career option for creative individuals. A Bachelor in Textile Design is a good choice for students who have passed HSC and are now looking for suitable courses which will strengthen their creative skills and get them started on a great career path.

The Textile Industry

The Indian textile and clothing industry is one of the largest industries in the Indian economy with respect to production and foreign exchange earnings. It is also the second largest in terms of employment opportunities. By the year 2021, the potential size of Indian textiles industry is expected to reach $223 billion. The industry is poised for strong growth, supported by both domestic consumption and export demand. (Source: India Brand Equity foundation)
A degree in textile designing is the right step forward for any student who wants to step into this lucrative field.

Job Opportunities

After a 3 year BSc in textile design from a top institute, students can find employment in export houses, design studios, fashion labels, handicrafts sector, and even in the automobile industry. They can work as fabric designers, design critics, stylists, design consultants, product development managers, interior product designers, or textile curators.

Typical course content

Some of the best fashion colleges in India also offer B Sc programs in textile design as well. Typical course content includes a basic foundation in art and design, study of different types of textiles, design application in textiles, manufacturing operations, processes and techniques, and exposure to CAD/CAM.

Studying in good institutes will open you up to internship opportunities with well-known brands and designers. According to Payscale, the average pay for a Textile Designer is Rs 299,367 per year, as updated in June 2014.

If you have a genuine interest in clothes and design, and want to work in a glamorous and artistic field, by all means consider joining a textile design course.

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