Are You Cut Out For A Career in Fashion Designing?

Choosing a career in fashion designing gives you the unique opportunity of meeting and working with fascinating people who not only share your passion for fashion, but also boost your inner creativity. India is becoming increasingly recognized worldwide as a prominent hub for upcoming designers. With our Bollywood stars and other Indian celebrities gracing the red carpets of high profile international events, Indian designers have now begun to achieve a name for themselves in the global fashion world.

The fashion industry

A report by ASSOCHAM indicated that the fashion industry would be worth Rs. 750 crore by 2012. The industry will create job opportunities for more than 50,000 people. With rising disposable income and exposure to the world of fashion via television, Internet, and world travel, domestic customers are also demanding that their apparel be a notch above the generic branded clothes that are available at shopping malls. This is the right time for anyone who wants to enter into the world of fashion and create a name for themselves.
A degree in fashion design course can give you the opening you need to step into this industry. Look for the best colleges in India and choose one of their top courses to get a thorough grounding in theory, practical work, workshops, and access to internship opportunities.

Bachelor in fashion design

If you have completed your +2 and consider what to pursue for BSc, why not consider enrolling for a fashion design course?
During the course, you will gain an understanding in the following areas:

  • History of fashion
  • Contemporary fashion.
  • Styles, technology, accessories, and fabrics.
  • Pattern development and construction techniques.
  • Fashion rendering.
  • Technical specifications.
  • Building a portfolio.
  • Business and managerial skills.

A level fashion course will give a thorough understanding of the subject and help build the necessary skills to profitably market your brand. Get a degree from the right school to launch yourself into the glitzy and glamorous world of fashion design.

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