What To Do After 12th HSC – Degrees Vs Professional Courses

The step that you take after HSC can have a significant impact in shaping your future career prospects. Which is a better option – a traditional degree or a professional course?
Here is some information to help you decide.

Degree courses after 12th
Traditional degree courses cover a variety of topics that will come in handy not just in your future career, but also in your personal life. Here, the focus is on a well-rounded education and to give the student more time to evaluate his or her interest in the chosen stream. Bachelor degrees may not get you a high-paying job immediately after the course, but they will offer broader options to pursue PG courses in the future.
Choose a degree course if you’re really interested in the subject and want to explore its potential, and you are not in a hurry to find a job immediately after the course. A traditional bachelor’s degree is an excellent way for you to enjoy your subject, specialize with a PG course, take a paid internship, and confidently enter the job market.

Professional courses after 12th
Professional courses are designed to provide a student with in-depth and detailed knowledge about the subject matter and help build a solid foundation for the career that he wants to pursue. Choose a professional course if you’re really clear about your chosen career. If you have laser-sharp focus, it doesn’t make sense to waste time pursuing other topics that you aren’t interested in. With a professional course, you get a very clear idea about what the industry expects from you. Join a good institute to become a candidate that the industry will value. Even if you don’t want to pursue a career immediately after the course, you still have the option to study further by enrolling for a PG course of your choice.

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