High-Paying Offbeat Careers

Face it! Most of us dread joining a monotonous 9-5 job. Although working in a big MNC pays well , but the high levels of stress associated with the job have plenty of negative health effects. As money is the major factor which stops us from doing something we really love, here are some offbeat creative careers which pay more than expected.

Lifestyle Accessory Designer (INR 4-6 Lakhs Per Annum)

Accessory Design is designing & sampling of fashion accessories like belts, jewellery, wristwear, designer footwear etc. Accessory design was Initially considered to be a small part of Fashion Design courses. However, the recent boom in paying capacity of Indian population has made the accessory market grow by 25% leading to a growing number of opportunities available to accessory designers.

One can even study how these accessories are made by doing an accessory design course from INIFD & start their own label.

Tattoo Artist

A few years ago, tattoo artists were considered to be rebellious, but as influencing figures (Musicians, actors, sports-persons) started getting tattoos, the interest of the common people grew & the industry has grown multifold over the years.

A tattoo artists get paid between INR 1000-10000 per tattoo/hour. One should start by working under an established tattoo artist, which will enable them to learn the trade before they start their own tattoo studio.

Copy/Content Writer

Content writer jobs have become a common sight on many job portals. However, a content writer should try and get more freelance work as it pays more. Freelance content writers generally get paid on a per word basis, ranging from INR 2-5 rupees per word. So lets say you are writing a basic 500 word article for a blog, you will get between INR 1000-2500 for the article.

You can also consider starting your own blog & earning money through google adsense.


A number of youngsters have started their own photograph studios atleast once. Although there is a lot of struggle in the beginning phases of a photographer’s career, but it pays really well. If you choose to become employed, then you would be earning between INR 15000-50000 per month for the first 5 years.

Freelance photography work generates really high income, with INR 2-5 Lakhs earned per project.

Voice-Over (Vo) Artist

The job of a VO artist is to record his voice over silent or animated videos. Take for example the narration in documentaries or voices of animated characters. This is one of the rare high paying professions where no degree or formal education is required.

A VO artist gets between INR 5000-20000 per sitting.

 So, if a boring old 9-5 job is not your thing, you should definitely try out any of the aforementioned professions.

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