Four Realities: Indian Fashion Industry

The industrial liberalisation of 1991 enabled a small fashion industry to become the INR 20,000 crore behemoth we know today. The industry includes a bunch of professions such as the development of garments, accessory design, makeup, textile design & development & fashion reporters to name a few. You need not be a designer to play your part in the fashion scene.

 However, have a look at the pointers given below before deciding to make a career in fashion.

1.Global Contribution

Even with huge market capitalisation (INR 20,000 Cr), the Indian Fashion Industry has a lowly contribution of .2% on the world stage. Just to compare, UK, with one of the largest industries in the world, accounts for 6% of the Global Fashion Industry (30 times India’s contribution). This can be expected given the fact that Indian fashion has caught on in the past few years. An unorganised industry is another principal reason to India’s low contribution.

2.Creativity Isn’t Everything

Creativity isn’t the only measure of success in this industry. You’ll have to ace geometry as well. Geometry helps in visualising the clothes in 3D. It also helps in getting accurate measurements. Therefore, geometry is pivotal, especially for those yearning to learn fashion technology.

3.Sarees Sell Like Hot Cakes

Even though Indian Fashion is pacing towards designs inspired from the west. The Saree, a traditional attire, beats the other designs by a huge margin. It has year-on-year growth of 8.8%, much higher than any other fashion attire or apparel sold in India.

4.Made In India

Because of abundant unemployment & low minimum wages, international brands often outsource manufacturing to India. Brands such as Levi’s, Gap Inc., Tommy Hilfiger, Westside & Orsay manufacture in India.

So take your decision after taking the aforementioned factors into consideration. Keep in mind that Fashion design is one of the fastest growing industries in India with a tonne of job opportunities. If you want to know more about the industry or for any other queries, email us at


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