Getting Better Grades in Your 10+2 Exams

Getting good grades is all what we want, but this seems so hard at some point. In this article I will talk of how you can score good grades in the 10+2 exams. So if you are struggling with grades and you are interested in improving them, take a keen look on the following.

Professional Courses

The first step to getting good grades is attending your classes, you might think that it’s an obvious one, but its counts. There are reasons as to why you should attend classes;

  • To earn attendance points.
  • To absorb classroom material
  • To participate in class.

Do not forget to sit at the front, dating from history, those are usually the best students.

Another reason for class attendance is to take the class notes. These notes are important clues to what you professor thinks is vital material for you to learn, hence besides taking notes, learn how to use them to your advantage. Here are some tips;

  • Be an attentive listener in class.
  • Take good and neat notes.
  • You can rewrite or organize the notes on your computer but later after class.

Textbooks are assigned for a reason and it’s definitely not to make you broke, it is to supplement the notes you take in class and the discussions in class. If you want your grades to improve, do buy all the textbooks and adhere to the following tips when using it;

  • Know what parts of the text book are most important.
  • Use an outlining system to help you comprehend what you are reading. Reading and highlighting is not enough, if you want the most out of the textbook, make short notes and also outline the material.

Another obvious tip here, study. The rule is you should be spending at least three hours outside class for every hour in it. However, most are the times that you will need a lot more time than that to comprehend the material. So pay attention to the following;

  • Study early and often.
  • Ensure that your work is done before socializing.
  • Come up with good study habits.

One last thing, remember to think of your professor as your ally not enemy.

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