How To Make A Good Study Plan For 10th Board Exams?

The countdown has begun for the board exams. Just a few more weeks and you will be filling in those answer sheets that to some extent locks your future. While this is a stressful time, it is also time for parents to sit down with their children and work on a study plan that will help the student cover up every topic and leave scope for revision.

To make it even simpler, here are a few tips that will help you chalk out a study plan for your 10th Grade board examinations:

Start today: Whether you have been studying dedicatedly all this while or not, it is time to do so NOW. Tackle the topics you find difficult so that you have ample of time to revise them in the coming few weeks.

Draw a calendar: Colour code all the subjects so that you know you are going to give each of them a lot of time. Also, make sure you give yourself a break every now and then so that you are rejuvenated.

Small targets: With the number of subjects you have to study for, and the mammoth of topics in it – the goal looks unachievable. The solution is to set smaller targets for each day or week and accomplish them. This way, by the time you have to give the actual exam, you will already be on a winning streak.

Mix it up: Many find it better to give a whole week to a subject. While this may look ideal if you have a tough topic to crack, it will make your days monotonous. Instead, add in few different topics from different subjects in between to break the monotony.

Don’t be harsh on your mind: It is important to understand that the mind may be capable of zillion things, but gets tired and needs rest every now and then. If you find yourself stuck, do something else for an hour and then start over.

We hope these small tips will help you as parents and children to make a plan as a team and go for the best in the board exams.

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