7 Questions That Will Help You Find the Best Career Path

There comes a time in life when everyone has to decide which direction they want their life to proceed, career wise. In this time we live in, there are ample opportunities for whatever your heart might desire, literally!

 What interests you?
This is the most important question that will go a long way in determining the kind of job or business venture you get into. Be it one of the thousands of good quality and well paying corporate jobs or just opening up a small restaurant and see how things go from there. Carefully think about it and choose wisely, make working seem just like playing, you’ll do great!

Where do you want to be in 5 years?
Asking yourself this will give you a roadmap that will help you achieve your goal in the expected time. Climbing the corporate ladder is tedious and only well coordinated effort and hard work will help you reach new heights. For that matter, even expanding your ‘small restaurant’ is not going to be a piece of cake. Set achievable goals, achieve them, and look at yourself in awe after 5 years.

Your Income needs?
Get paid to work the main reason anyone works in the first pace. While this might not be true for everyone, it is definitely a factor. Some might want to earn a lot of money for which they would have to get better and higher educational degrees and gain expertise. While others would be okay, with a comparatively lesser paying occupation, but with peace of mind. You will need to find a balance between them.

What are your talents?
Your interests matter a lot, but your talents have to be in tune with them in order to succeed. You might want to be a programmer, but you’re good with your hands. You might want to work at the bank, but you’re a talented chef. Talents are something you are born with. Use them to your advantage and progress in life doing what you love and are naturally good at.

Where do you want to live?
Although not a major factor in choosing all jobs, occupations like acting would require you to shift to Mumbai or some other urban city, bustling with life and crowds of people awaiting you at every nook and corner. Whereas, becoming a professional wildlife photographer, would require spending majority of your days and nights in the jungle. Thinking of your lodging needs in advance will help you choose your career to quite an extent.

What are the avenues for growth?
Everyone wants to grow in life. Do your research and find out how you can grow in the career of your liking. Is there rapid growth based you’re your performance, or is there years of slogging before attaining a respectable position. What are the requirements for promotions during your tenure and what are the different companies in your field of choosing.

What do you want to learn from your job
There are different reasons why people choose their careers. Some might want to climb to the very top of the corporate ladder, someone else might want to learn how to cook properly and become a chef whit their own restaurant. Be clear what you want to do in life and choose something where you would get to learn and become better in that field.

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