5 Professional Courses To Choose After Commerce

Education is important. It pushes us to become independent and grow. But in order to have the best education, it is critical that we choose the right course for us. Like any other student, a commerce student after passing the 12th Commerce boards has a lot of options.

There are numerous courses, and it is up to you to choose the course that feels right. Don’t get confused or make a hasty decision under pressure. Follow your heart. This article certainly helps you get clarity over what to do after Commerce.

Here are the five professional courses that students usually go for after commerce.

Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com)
You can complete this degree in three years, and it will make you eligible for bank exams. Even if you don’t want to work in banks, you can opt to work in a company as an accountant of an assistant. The initial payment will be around 10-15k, and with time and experience, it can increase.

It makes you eligible for government jobs like IAS, RBI and so on.
When you pursue B.Com, you can enter the CS course without an entrance exam.

There is no job surety, and without an MBA or other professional degrees, your salary will be pretty low.

Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC)
BJMC is a three-year-long graduation course that you can opt for after your 12th. Students from commerce, science and arts can enroll for this course. If you have a knack for journalism or speaking, this course is perfect for you.

In this course, you not only learn about being a journalist for newspaper or TV. But it also guides you in many careers like Radio Jockey, PR, advertising and marketing and Film making and so on.

If you don’t enroll in a good college, there is less chances of you learning the course practically.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
BBA was once the most sought after course after 12th commerce. Now, if you plan to do M.B.A after this, then only it makes sense to enroll in this. If you don’t pursue MBA after BBA, you will not have any job security and the salary you get would be low.

Also, you can choose BBA if you are pursuing CA or CS.

Chartered Accountant (CA) and Company Secretary (CS)
Chartered accountant and company secretary are the most sought after courses. It may take years to clear all levels of ICAI as, the course’s difficulty level is extremely high. But if you can pass the final level, it guarantees a respected and high paying job. A CA with average marks can earn up to 7-12 lakhs per annum. While a CA in the top 50 can earn up to 25 lakhs or more per annum.

A CS is responsible for managing the company’s administration efficiently. Since some years the scope of CS is reducing as a CA can do the job of CS as well.

But it is still a great course with no reservation, low-cost structure, and well-paid jobs.

Bachelor of Law (LLB)
After completing your 12th with commerce, you can even pursue LLB. You can also opt for the integrated BA+LLB course which many universities and colleges provide. After successful completion of the course, you can work as a legal advisor in a corporate setup.

Other professional courses that you can opt for are:

1. A certified financial planner (CFP)
2. Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)
3. Bachelors in Economics
4. Bachelors in design or hospitality and travel,
5. Bachelors in fashion and interior designing and so on.

Finding the right course will set the right pace in your life. When it’s difficult to find the right path, take help. Consult counselors and research more. It will help you land to the right course.

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