Get the Most Out of Sweater Weather with These Awesome Tips!

Sweaters are an absolute must for winter and fall. They are easily the most versatile accessory in any closet. You can pair them with leather jackets, boots, belts, and whatnot. Even if they are oversized, you can create layers of outfits and look sexy. Having sweaters in your wardrobe is the trick to look trendy this weather!

Here are five ways in which you can style yourself with sweaters and be the fashion diva of your group.

Sweater Dressing

Sweater Dressing

The Over-Sized Look

Over-Sized sweaters look extremely cute and adorable, and they are an excellent choice for comfort too. You can pair them up with some jeans or tight leggings. Add some boots to this classic outfit, and you are ready for a casual day. If you do not like the folds of sweater hanging over your waist, use a big belt. It will give your figure some shape, and your cute outlook will turn into a sexy one. Just make sure that you replace those boots with some high heels.

Tip: If the sweater is monochrome, you can pair it with patterned leggings to turn everyone’s heads.

The Leather Jacket Finish

Leather jackets will never go out of fashion, and that is a fact. They are versatile, and you can pair them with a t-shirt, top, shirt, sweater, and almost everything else. So, if you have a sweater with a high neck, top it off with a leather jacket. Especially the turtle neck sweaters look exceptionally good with a leather jacket around them. You can also add a long necklace around your neck to finish the look. Below the waist, wear something that compliments your jacket’s color. Dark-colored denim jeans are your best option here.

The Statement Collar Sweater

If you have a V-neck sweater, pair it with a collared shirt for that classy appearance. To nail this look, make sure that the sweater is a perfect fit for you. There should be no extra sweater baggage around your waist, and the length of sleeves should match your arm’s length. To turn it into an office look, pair this combination with jet-black jeans. Additionally, for this look to work, all the colors – that is, of the sweater, the shirt, and jeans have to complement each other.

Tip: For an even more sophisticated look, you can try dark slacks instead of jeans.

Sweater on Pencil Skirt

Sweater on pencil skirt is more of an office-going look than a casual one. It has a touch of elegance, which makes it extremely sophisticated. Choose the right color combination because you cannot wear any funky accessories with this look. Moreover, make sure that the fabric of the sweater is soft and comfortable, because some sweaters come in fabrics that you cannot wear on bare skin. A pencil skirt with a dark shade of your sweater’s color will look hypnotizing, and you can finish the look off with some high heels.

Tip: Match the color of your heels with your sweater.

The Cozy Scarf Look

Sweaters and scarves go hand in hand, and there is no way this list would have been complete without this combination. It is a perfect outfit for a day out in the city with some friends. If you have a neckless sweater, wear a contrasting scarf and denim-jeans on the bottom. You can wear some shades to complete this city girl look. The whole outfit is extremely comfortable and very easy to pull off.

A single sweater can be used in many ways for different occasions. What’s most important is the type of accessories you combine it with. So, own multiple sweaters and try new combinations every day.

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