5 Steps to Selecting the Best College

All of us have faced that school-leaving day once, and we know how painful it was. But at the same time, there was immense excitement and innumerable colourful dreams as we headed on to begin a new life in college. If you are at this stage of life, you must be predominantly experiencing the heat. But together with excitement and joy, there is challenge! To choose the best college for you is not this easy. It can be stressful and time consuming too. To ease you and help you land up at a promising college for your higher studies, here are some handy tips.

Start with Your Goal: This is one of the most important ones but often missed out aspect. No two people may have same goals; so you are the best judge about what your goals and what you want to do in life. You may quite likely be aware of it, but it is even more significant to peep within yourself and mull over which course of study will put you on the path of your dreams. That is the first and foremost step before college selection.

Jot Down the College Names: Rightly complementing your goal and purpose, jot down the names of the colleges. In your list, include the prime aspects about your college, such as its recognition, location, facilities (like boarding, lodging), extracurricular / hobby initiatives, standard of study material, student’s views about faculties, and of course, the expenditure. Once you are done with this, strike out the improbable or inapplicable options. What you have now is a more squeezed list!

Visit to the Prospective College: Once you have segregated the names and zeroed down on 3 or 4 most befitting ones, it’s time to visit them. This is not only important to physically check whether or not the college is how it claims to be, but also know whether the aura there is conducive to your study objective. Even if the college is away home, this step is crucial and so you shouldn’t skip it.

Work up the Funding Option: There cannot be a second opinion about it – higher studies are expensive. Having found the most apposite college for yourself, you got all the reasons to ask one question to yourself – “Is it affordable?” Well, that opens up the possibility to work up the funding option. Feel free to enquire with the college authorities if they provide any financial aid or do they have any other ways to lower your expenditure.

Focus on Job Orientation: Can you ignore the reality that you are going to be in college with a broader perspective – of getting into a job or doing business? No you can’t! This is last, but not the least, facet to focus on! Don’t hesitate from enquiring about how job-oriented your college management is and how many students studying here got placed in the previous years!

Check the number of job fairs your prospective college organizes and whether is it considered a potential campus interviewing place by the companies.

The above steps can definitely be a guiding light for you in getting into the most promising college.


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