5 Key Steps to a Successful Career in Interior Design

You know that Interior Designing is where your heart lies but the thought of how to make it big scares you. Well you are not the only one. Many big names in the industry today were at the same place where you are right now. So what did they do to reach where they are right now? Let’s take a look!

A Degree

It is the obvious one, but this point has to be there. Interior design is not just about piecing together colours, fabrics and decoration accessories. There is a lot more involved. So, do your research, find out about the courses offered. Join the interior design course that best suits your needs. Keep in mind your budget and other important factors like placement and infrastructure.


You are young and should be raging to absorb whatever you learn in early years. Internship is an opportunity that gives you the scope to make mistakes and learn. Often, youngsters have a casual approach towards it. If taken seriously, you will have a vast scope of learning about nuances of the industry. Also, you need to start building your reputation amongst those from your field.

Narrow Down your Target Market

When you enter this creative field, decide who your target market will be initially. Choose it keeping in mind, how easily you can get work from them, the budget and networking opportunities. Do not worry about being stuck with one target market forever, with time and your reputation you will be able catch the attention of other target audience as well.

Know your Clients

Clients are your key to success. It is important to know the likes and dislikes of your clientele. Be empathetic towards them and patiently listen to what exactly are they looking for.  Your job is to bring out the best of your work and at the same time keep them happy. Thus, neither can you afford to force your ideas on them and disregard their thoughts nor can you completely give in to their ideas without letting them know about what will look good and what will not.


One of the most significant factors to have a successful career in Interior Design is to know the budget of the client. Often more than not going above the budget upsets them. Thus, know their budget and if you feel it is not realistic enough, make it clear in the beginning itself. However, it is best advised to muster up the best results within the stipulated budget, especially at the beginning of your career.

Don’t Give Up

There will be days when things may not work your way. Those are the times you need to remind yourself why you got here in the first place. The initial struggle to establish your name in the industry would be the toughest, but that should not deter you. Learn from your experiences and mistakes. Take every criticism in your stride, as only that will help you become successful in the interior design industry.

If your are really passionate about your work, no obstacle can stop you from achieving success!!

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