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If you’ve got a knack for transforming empty spaces into beautiful rooms where people live, breathe and find a home – you should consider joining an interior designing course. Not only can it help you to earn a professional qualification in this competitive area, but you will also get to develop and polish your raw…Read More

A lot of creative young minds like yours have shown an interest in studying fashion in the recent past. But a tonne of doubts entering your mind lead to confusion & indecision. After doing some research, we collected answers to the questions you ask yourself before starting a career in Fashion. Is Fashion Designing Really…Read More

If you like painting, pick up a brush and paint a masterpiece, if you like music, get yourself a guitar and create a master tune but if you like fashion designing, then you just have a single option of having an innate liking for drawing, sewing, different fabrics and a complete know how of the…Read More

The process of making a raw fabric more user friendly is known as textile finishing. The fabric that you wear or pick up from a shop for its colour, texture, durability and many more qualities is originally rough, dull coloured and mostly unappealing. So the soft, anti wrinkle and bright coloured fabric that you see…Read More

Life’s Too Short to Not Turn Heads! Your style is the most prominent extension of your personality. And while you cannot control how you feel, you are certainly in charge of how you appear to the world. If you are newbie in the world of fashion, it’s never too late to develop a sense of…Read More

All of us have faced that school-leaving day once, and we know how painful it was. But at the same time, there was immense excitement and innumerable colourful dreams as we headed on to begin a new life in college. If you are at this stage of life, you must be predominantly experiencing the heat….Read More

Education is important. It pushes us to become independent and grow. But in order to have the best education, it is critical that we choose the right course for us. Like any other student, a commerce student after passing the 12th Commerce boards has a lot of options. There are numerous courses, and it is…Read More

You know that Interior Designing is where your heart lies but the thought of how to make it big scares you. Well you are not the only one. Many big names in the industry today were at the same place where you are right now. So what did they do to reach where they are…Read More

For students who have dreams and ambitions to become a fashion designer, cracking the fashion designing exam is your gateway to the industry. As they say, no success story is possible without hard work and here is where it all begins. There are many exams conducted for entrance to different fashion designing institutes every year….Read More

All of us face this one challenge at least once in our lifetimes – of shaping up the career! You don’t need to be told why that is such a sensitive matter, and therefore, it makes perfect sense if you seek expert guidance, be it for choosing a career or looking for the best options…Read More