Should You Become a Fashion Designer

A lot of creative young minds like yours have shown an interest in studying fashion in the recent past. But a tonne of doubts entering your mind lead to confusion & indecision. After doing some research, we collected answers to the questions you ask yourself before starting a career in Fashion.

Is Fashion Designing Really My Passion?

We believe that making a career is less about passion & more about pursuing your interests. Passion is realized over time but you can definitely pinpoint your interests more accurately. The first & foremost interest you should have when it comes to studying fashion is a desire to showcase your creativity & originality. There are other necessary interests as well:

  • An eye for detail: You never miss the little nuances of design and often notice details others don’t.
  • A rebel persona: The greatest fashion designers all tell you that a rebellious attitude is at the core of any good designer.
  • A genuine love for garments & colors: Remember, there is a huge difference between loving clothes you own &actually loving clothes.

 How Much Do Fashion Designers Earn?

Even if you want to start your own label, we recommend you take up a job first to learn all the aspects which go behind launching & sustaining a fashion label.

An entry level fashion designer fresh out of college is offered a healthy salary of ` 3.2 lacs per annum on averageThat means a monthly income of ` 26000. The total range for entry level fashion designers is between ` 2.40-4.7 lacs per annum.

A fashion designer with 5 years of experience will earn `7 lacs per annum on averageThis means a monthly income of ` 58000.

When it comes to earning potential via one’s own label, you will not make a lot of money for the first couple of years, but there are no limits to what you can make after your label gains traction.

How Much Will Studies Cost?

There is a huge difference based on which college you choose. Respectable colleges & will cost approximately ` 1.25-1.5 lacs per year.

So studying fashion is generally inexpensive.

How Should I Prepare?

Prior knowledge of designing software like Coraldraw, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator will make give you a massive advantage. Researching on how various garments like womens wear, kids wear & mens wear are made will give you an idea on the kind of topics you will learn in college.

I Am Not Able to Get Into A College Of My Choice, Should I Still go For Fashion?

Our advice to you regarding this question is very simple, both government & private colleges will impart very similar knowledge. So, do not be disappointed if you do not get into the right college. Always know that the base of a successful career is filled with knowledge, not a degree.

Will a Career in Fashion Design Lead to a Full-filling Life?

We thought that a professional fashion designer will answer this question better. So we reached out to top notch fashion designers, they shared a few pointers we thought you should know:

  • Watching other people wear your art is very satisfying
  • Starting a small-scale profitable business is very easy
  • A life in fashion is never a desk job, you get to travel a lot
  • Good & consistent income
  • No set working hours, which means long hours
  • One of the few careers where you get paid for what you express
  • Just like any other, fashion is a very competitive industry

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