Fashion Designing – From Fabric to Fabrication

If you like painting, pick up a brush and paint a masterpiece, if you like music, get yourself a guitar and create a master tune but if you like fashion designing, then you just have a single option of having an innate liking for drawing, sewing, different fabrics and a complete know how of the Fashion World… with a little pinch of perseverance and innovation in your creative mind.

A successful Fashion Designer is a great visualizer and understand different textures of varied fabrics. Sewing skill is a mandatory as it gives a final touch to the cloth into a complete new flamboyant designer wear. If you wish to become a a successful Fashion Designer, then you must excel in this art of cutting and sewing. One should also have an expertise in fabric identification, the look and feel, draping and mix and match of varied fabrics and textiles.

Your ideas and creative innovations are also have a great influence on your design. One should not pretend to blindly follow the trends or should not just came up with completely offbeat ideas in pursuit of becoming a successful Fashion designer. Your ideas should be unique yet viable at the same time. Be realistic while bringing a great revolution in the industry lest it would bounce back on to you.

A fashion Designer should have a deep understanding in each step involved in designing of a product. He should have a wider perspective and understand the role of customers, garment experts, sales personnel, fashion media, fashion stylists, event organizers, etc.
Fashion Designing is also quite similar to story telling, the only difference is, it narrates the story of different cloth, wherein the happy ending is turning an ordinary cloth into a blockbuster designer attire.

A Fashion Designer is equally good at researching, as research is an integral part of the whole process of designing and which cannot be acquired overnight. Only the passion for fabrics and their designing can lead to a good research, it also widens the scope for experimenting. So if you lack in these skills , start developing them from today itself and see for yourself – how you create a world renowned fashion label within no time.

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