Top 7 Career Choices For Women

Gone are the days when the people were of the mindset that women belong to the kitchen. It’s now time that women are walking down the aisle, head high, matching footsteps with even the most successful businessmen. From business to public services to entertainment, women are making names for themselves.

With a lot to pursue served on the platter, making a choice gets tougher. Looking at their spirit, constant jungle between work-and-home, and their never-ending zeal to succeed, we’ve handpicked top 7 career choices for women. Here’s the list:


The first on the list is the medical industry. With their nature of caregivers, a career as a nurse or a doctor suits them quite a lot. A significant work experience and you are just good to go. Also, the job comes with plenty of perks including power, great social status, money, and respect.

Human Resources

Human resource is just another sector where a career-oriented woman should probably seek a shelter. With corporate life taking a tool over the market, the employee demand is increasing at a fast speed. Recruiting, training, employee welfare, and retention, all these tasks require a dedicated and hard-working individual.

Interior Designer  

Creativity is something that comes naturally to women. Decorating and designing their personal space, they know how to liven up any empty or dull place. With the concept of Interior designing touching new high in the market, the job seems to be a perfect fit for women who have a thing for decorating, designing, and creativity.


Born as n ultimate treasure of talent, women are very good at communications and expressing. Be it the role of public relations manager, a writer or an anchor they can tackle the media industry very well. Moreover, becoming the face of society in the present times, the media sector is a good option to pick in terms of pay too.


On the list ever since the time women were allowed to work, Teaching still remains one of the best professions. Being a de-stressing job, the work field allows women to relax and live an easy-going life. The profession is termed to be one of the most women-friendly profession because of its short working hours, better pay, and lesser levels of hassle.

Event Planner

The other important profession on the list is event planning. Accustomed to running here and there from there childhood for a pitch-perfect function they know how to plan, organize, and execute. And with the thriving success of event planning and management, the profession seems a good fit for all the women out there.


They are the finest multi-taskers, from handling work to home to even families they know how to balance a tightly packed day, full of stress. Business is something they can handle the best. Thus, becoming the Boss Lady is the last but not the least on our list.

The options are never-ending and we know so are your efforts. What you need is just picking the right piece of advice and get ready to sail in the right boat the reach the shore of success.

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